Tips for NBA Finals future betting

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Tips for NBA Finals future betting

Betting on the exact matchup in the NBA Finals is a good way for bettors to spread out their money and thus increase the chances of a winning scenario – particularly in regards to long shots. For example, bettors who think the Bulls have a decent shot at coming out of the East could lay a straight future on them at 22/1. While a $100 bet would return $2,200 at those odds – a hefty payout – bettors could instead break that $100 bet into staggered multiples and make wagers on specific matchups.

Since it’s exceptionally rare for a team without home-court advantage in the first round to make it all the way to the Finals, by staggering the bets on each of the West’s top four seeds in a Finals matchup with the Bulls, a bettor would essentially be guaranteed to win one of the wagers if Chicago did indeed come out of the East. So how would the payouts compare?

Straight future on Bulls to win East (+2200) – $100 to win $2,200

Bulls vs. Spurs (+6000) – $40 to win $2,400
Bulls vs. Thunder (+7400) – $35 to win $2,590
Bulls vs. Clippers (+15100) – $17 to win $2,567
Bulls vs. Rockets (+29000) – $8 to win $2,320

By assuming a bit of liability in the form of wagering on specific matchups, bettors can see their payouts increase by an average of nearly 15 percent on matchups with the three heaviest favorites in the West (Spurs, Thunder and Clippers) and over five percent on a matchup with the fourth-seeded Rockets. Combined, those four teams have anywhere from an 85-90 percent chance of making the Finals. And recent history would indicate it’s even greater: since 2001, not a single team to make the Finals has been seeded lower than fourth.

While these kind of wagers naturally look most attractive when a big long shot like the Bulls are included, that’s not to say that the practice of betting Finals matchups isn’t a profitable strategy. Check back on Friday for a wide range of such wagers.

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