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Book adjustments/Week 5 picks

Book adjustments/Week 5 picks(0)

Week 5 looks to boast solid value on the 'dogs, as well as some totals.

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Parity and Week 4 picks

Parity and Week 4 picks(0)

Bettors should be mindful that things aren't always what they seem in September.

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Taking advantage of line shading

Taking advantage of line shading(0)

Most sportsbooks practice line shading, which creates profitable opportunities for bettors.

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NFL Week 3 picks

NFL Week 3 picks(0)

Moneyline value on one of the game's best quarterbacks highlights the Week 3 picks.

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Overreactions/Week 2 picks

Overreactions/Week 2 picks(0)

Overreacting to Week 1 outcomes in the NFL plays right into the hands of oddsmakers.

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Live betting an early focal point

Live betting an early focal point(0)

In-game wagering boasts exceptional value, which was already on display in Week 1.

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NFL Week 1 betting strategy/picks

NFL Week 1 betting strategy/picks(0)

Highlighting conflicting Week 1 betting philosophies and the year's first set of picks.

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NBA exact series results: Round 2

NBA exact series results: Round 2(0)

A few exact series results to consider in the second round, along with Game 1 picks.

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NBA Finals future matchups

NBA Finals future matchups(0)

The Thunder are odds-on favorites to reach the Finals, so who could join them?

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Tips for NBA Finals future betting

Tips for NBA Finals future betting(0)

Wagering on specific matchups in the NBA Finals can be a profitable strategy.

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