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Correlated Super Bowl parlay

Correlated Super Bowl parlay(0)

The Patriots are hungry for that elusive fourth ring.

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Super Bowl prop betting tips

Super Bowl prop betting tips(0)

A few things to keep in mind while going through the process of betting props.

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Championship Weekend picks

Championship Weekend picks(0)

The Patriots have their sights squarely on the sixth Super Bowl of the Tom Brady era.

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Divisional Weekend picks

Divisional Weekend picks(0)

Cowboys-Packers is shaping up as a close and high-scoring affair.

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Wild Card picks

Wild Card picks(0)

Points should be hard to come by for both the Cardinals and Panthers.

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Correlated Wild Card parlay

Correlated Wild Card parlay(0)

The Ravens are going to be hard-pressed to halt Pittsburgh's air attack.

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Week 17 picks

Week 17 picks(0)

Backing Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau Field is generally a good play.

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Diagnosing sharp money

Diagnosing sharp money(0)

Sharp money comes in many forms, and a bookmaker's job is to keep up with it all.

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Week 16 picks

Week 16 picks(0)

The Cardinals' defense is peaking, but their opponents are playing even better.

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Week 15 picks

Week 15 picks(0)

It's a hat and T-shirt game for the Patriots, which is usually bad news for the opponent.

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