bookDo you salivate when you see a few juicy moneyline underdogs pop up on the board? Has the phrase “side/total correlation” become a featured part of your betting lexicon? Can you count any greater triumph at the book than cashing out a multi-legged monster? You’re not alone.

Welcome to ParlayCity, where our goal is to tap into and consolidate the vast pool of sports betting resources and minds while maintaining an ongoing dialogue chronicling all the action with an emphasis on parlays.

Often dismissed as sucker bets, parlays are favored by much of the betting public and are a big piece of many professional handicappers’ portfolios. Talk to any sportsbook manager and they’ll tell you parlay cards and off-the-board parlays represent a healthy percentage of their seasonal and annual handle. Yet within the greater gambling community, parlay action rarely occupies the spotlight.

At ParlayCity, we aim to keep you covered through a variety of features:

Monitor theWise Guy stream,” a running Twitter feed of news and insight from the sharpest guys on either side of the window in Vegas. Check out the “Intel Blog” for tips on safe legs, steam plays and hot ‘dogs. Want to talk trends, matchups and actual parlays? Or recount an epic tale? Start a thread in the forum to steer the action in a specific direction. And once you’ve hashed out all your legs, throw them into the parlay calculator and start building your bankroll – because at ParlayCity, parlays pay!

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