2013 NFL season wrapup

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2013 NFL season wrapup

It was a rock-solid first NFL season for ParlayCity, as our picks went a cumulative 42-31 for a winning rate of 57.5 percent. Handicapping football can be a humbling exercise, and there were no doubt some peaks and valleys over the course of the 2013 campaign.

Carrying a 19-12 mark (61 percent) through the first 12 NFL Sundays, Week 13 marked the beginning of an extended 11-16 slump (41 percent) over the final five weeks of the season. But the playoffs are where the big money is made, and our picks heated up at just the right time, going 8-3 (73 percent) through the conference playoffs. That run was capped by a perfect 4-0 Super Bowl and included a 5-2 mark on the seven parlays we handed out.

Here’s a breakdown of the individual numbers:

ML ‘dogs: 8-8
ML faves/pickems: 4-3
Totals: 17-8
Sides: 9-12
Props: 4-0

Analysis: An extremely poor cumulative 43 percent win rate on sides was more than compensated for by 68 percent winners on totals. Also of note are the similar numbers between moneyline underdogs and favorites. The latter obviously had a higher win percentage, but in terms of profit and sample size, the .500 win rate on 16 moneyline ‘dogs was undoubtedly more impressive.

A few things bettors should always keep in mind:

1. Never allow the highs to be too high and the lows to be too low
It’s sounds trivial, but that’s the only way you can stay anywhere near the surface, let alone find yourself above water as a bettor. Letting emotion become a significant part of the equation will end up taking its toll in a negative way. That’s the closest thing to a guarantee in this game. You won’t find any successful bettors who would say otherwise.

2. Simply because you win a bet doesn’t mean you were on the right side of it, and vice versa
Just looking back at ParlayCity’s picks, the Redskins-Broncos over, Colts moneyline vs. the Seahawks and Vikings-Ravens over were all bets that probably didn’t deserve to cash. On the other side of that spectrum, the Patriots moneyline in Carolina, the Texans moneyline in Indianapolis and a pair of Saints moneylines (in New England and in Carolina) were examples of losing bets that ranged from arguably to absolutely the right side, and ones we’d give out again in a heartbeat.

That’s the NFL – and sports betting in general – in a nutshell. It may be a grind, but there’s no more enjoyable grind, in our opinion. Thanks to everyone who has visited the site, and we hope bettors continue coming back for NBA, NCAA and MLB action!

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